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Technoptimistic by Remute (MegaDrive/Genesis Cartridge)

Technoptimistic by Remute (MegaDrive/Genesis Cartridge)

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The first plug and play techno cartridge album for Sega's classic 16-bit console, produced by DJ Remute.

This cartridge works on Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Model 1, Model 2, Model 3 , Sega Nomad and FPGA-based solutions like Analogue's Mega Sg (very good option for the audiophile!).

In the digital world we live in, fear is everywhere; we fear the prospect that digitization could make us redundant to robots. The world of electronic music producer and techno DJ Remute has never looked more different. Embracing the digital age with all its nuances and extremities, Hamburg based Remute views digitization as an ally to the human race; one that enriches our lives and drives us forward. 

“In times where the term 'digitization' triggers dystopian fears and worries, I wanted to provide a soundtrack for an optimistic vision of a technologic future with man and machine in unison. - Remute 

After his highly acclaimed 2017 album 'Limited' which single-handedly initiated the musical comeback of the floppy disk, Remute proved that 1,44 Megabytes are just enough for good music. Making a statement to the wider sphere, showcasing how old school technological formats can marry together with man-made musical production. Striking back in his quest to marry man and machine, Remute presents his forthcoming ‘Technoptimistic’ LP on another ground-breaking format; The Sega Mega Drive Cartridge. 

“The machines work for us. We program, they execute. Technology helps us with uncomfortable tasks, makes us do adventurous things and can even cure us when we're ill. If we maintain a positive attitude towards technology, it will enhance our minds and take us to far places. That's why I am TECHNOPTIMISTIC.” - Remute 

Track List

1. Eine Demokratie 01:56
2. A Warm Feeling Of Total Immersion03:19
3. Instant 03:04
4. Obsolete (Trust) 03:19
5. Master And Sync 03:27
6. The Right To Be Forgotten 01:09
7. Knuddelz 03:19
8. Red Eyes 02:49
9. Jo Coin 02:33
10. Market Research 02:18
11. Robo Knife 03:04  
12. Microworld 02:49
13. Controlled Meltdown 01:55
14. When You're Down 02:34
15. Deepfake 02:37
16. Debug 02:29

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