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Remute – Electronic Deathstyle

Remute – Electronic Deathstyle

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'Electronic Deathstyle' comes for the PC-Engine CD aka TurboGrafx CD!

A well-balanced collection of 16 brand new songs and remixes makes 'Electronic Deathstyle' the perfect companion to this year's previously released PC-Engine/TG-16 and Game Boy albums 'Electronic Lifestyle' and 'Living Electronics'.

This CD-ROM celebrates life, death and the benefits of this newish, crystal-clear invention called CD-audio - insert, run, live, die, continue.

'Electronic Deathstyle' will play on any model and region-version of the PC-Engine CD and TurboGrafx CD - of course also on emulators and the upcoming Analogue DUO.

If you don't have these consoles, you can also play it on every vanilla CD-player - you will miss out a lot of eye candy and fun though.


1 Transformer Station 2:05
2 Some Sparks 1:15
3 Electronic Lifestyle (Deathstyle Mix) 2:25
4 Tweaking Sane One 3:49
5 Dreams Of Titan 4:05
6 Elevator Dealer 2:56
7 Injecting Life 1:19
8 Living Electronics (Deathstyle Mix) 2:14
9 Billig Song 2:46
10 In Memory Of ROM 4:48
11 Saga 3:08
12 Lude 4:22
13 Du Bist Perfekt (Deathstyle Unplugged) 4:00
14 Sitz! 4:57
15 Move On 4:19
16 Stuck In The 00s 3:11
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