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Evercade Tomb Raider Collection 1

Evercade Tomb Raider Collection 1

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Tomb Raider arrives on Evercade! Play the first three games from the epic franchise on one physical Evercade cartridge! Join Lara Croft on her debut adventures in their original 32-bit console form!

Tomb Raider Collection 1 allows Evercade fans to play these incredible, world-famous titles on their Evercade consoles on one physical cartridge, complete with manual and clamshell case. Visit exotic locals from around the world and uncover artifacts, dangers, and adventure! All officially licensed.

Save your game at any time with Evercade's menu system and resume your game at any time on any Evercade console! Compatible with all Evercade devices (Handheld, Evercade VS, Evercade VS-R, Evercade EXP, Evercade EXP-R) and Super Pocket consoles

Your Evercade system may require a firmware update to the latest version to best enjoy this cartridge.


  • Full colour manual included
  • Games List – Tomb Raider , Tomb Raider II : Starring Lara
  • Croft , Tomb Raider III : Adventures of Lara Croft.
  • Genre – Adventure
  • Compatible with all Evercade hardware
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